hair love packing guide

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what to wear

  • Travel comfy! Getting to Zion is a journey!

  • For your first dinner bring something to wear that is nicer but you can still meditate on a yoga mat after in that evening.

  • Yoga Clothes!

  • Hiking clothes (tennis shoes with grip and socks that go higher than the tennis shoe to avoid blisters!)

  • Southern Utah requires layers!! It’s cold in the shade and hot in the sun so bring layered clothes that are light weight.

  • For workshops and learning feel free to be comfy and not wear makeup and I would suggest comfortable shoes.

  • Lip sync battle-if you are performing bring your awesome outfit/costume!

  • Party clothes- dress up and get fancy! The theme of the Hair Affair Party this year is DREAM IN COLOR!

  • Swim suit. One of the swimming areas is a man made lake you might want water sandals!

-You can pre-order a Hair Love Jacket as well! Details will come out in March about Merch. Btw this year our merch shop is insanely good!

-We will provide a yoga mat for you to use

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our personal suggestions

  • Colored pencils for workshops + taking notes

  • Portable phone charger

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Small shower supplies- all bathrooms are shared accommodations so anything you might want

  • I suggest bringing flip flops for the showers (they are shared in trailers)

  • Sleeping accommodations are shared as well if it were me I would bring melatonin and anything else that might help you sleep

  • Medicine you might need (ex. Midol, Ibuprofen, Eyedrops etc…) + if you are worried about elevation sickness we suggest you bring Boost Oxygen (you can buy it at Walmart for like 10$- google Elevation Sickness if you are confused.)

  • We also recommend you bring something to help you sleep- all areas are shared accommodations. That means lots of other awesome humans are around you. It is comfortable but you are NOT alone by any means. (Melatonin or any other sleeping medicine you like.)

-We will provide Journals + Educational Workbooks

-We will also provide ear plugs and eye mask + shower capes + other swag goodies

-We will provide a Hair Love backpack and a Hair Love refillable water bottle

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  • Your shears

  • Cutting Comb

  • Favorite Clips

  • Rat-tail comb

  • Apron (if you want one)

  • Paint Brush/Tint Brush for the Paint Party Night

  • Anything else you think you might want

-We will be selling LIMITED EDITION custom one of a kind aprons that are in collaboration with Salon Culture + Hair Love

-We will have a doll head and table clamp for you to use