hair love packing guide

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what to wear

  • Travel comfy! Getting to Zion is a journey!

  • For your first dinner bring something to wear that is nicer but you can still meditate on a yoga mat after in that evening.

  • Yoga Clothes!

  • Hiking clothes (tennis shoes with grip and socks that go higher than the tennis shoe to avoid blisters!)

  • Southern Utah requires layers!! It’s cold in the shade and hot in the sun so bring layered clothes that are light weight.

  • For workshops and learning feel free to be comfy and not wear makeup and I would suggest comfortable shoes.

  • Lip sync battle-if you are performing bring your awesome outfit/costume!

  • Party clothes- dress up and get fancy! The theme of the Hair Affair Party this year is DREAM IN COLOR!

  • Swim suit. One of the swimming areas is a man made lake you might want water sandals!

-You can pre-order a Hair Love Jacket as well! Details will come out in March about Merch. Btw this year our merch shop is insanely good!

-We will provide a yoga mat for you to use

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our personal suggestions

  • Colored pencils for workshops + taking notes

  • Portable phone charger

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Small shower supplies- all bathrooms are shared accommodations so anything you might want

-We will provide Journals + Educational Workbooks

-We will also provide ear plugs and eye mask + shower capes + other swag goodies

-We will provide a Hair Love backpack and a Hair Love refillable water bottle

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  • Your shears

  • Cutting Comb

  • Favorite Clips

  • Rat-tail comb

  • Apron (if you want one)

  • Paint Brush/Tint Brush for the Paint Party Night

  • Anything else you think you might want

-We will be selling LIMITED EDITION custom one of a kind aprons that are in collaboration with Salon Culture + Hair Love

-We will have a doll head and table clamp for you to use