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EXCLUSIVE creative mastermind business retreat

This retreat is specifically catered to

creative entrepreneurs in any field THAT SERVICES CLIENTS


  • leader

  • content creator

  • influencer

  • success small business owner

but want to take your business +

life to new heights?

If you want more out of your business + life, then this retreat is for you.

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A place so magical we can’t wait to explore!!! Get outside of our comfort zone and change your life.

Ride camels through the Sahara desert, relax and drink wine by the pool, come rug shopping and explore the world with our tribe in Morocco. Home to amazing restaurants, cafes, and streets lined with shops selling goods from the region's artisans. 

Ever felt like you were called to do more but didn’t know where to start? Ready to be intimately coached, gain a community and connect with other likeminded dreamers? Make your passion your purpose and your dreams a reality.

Diving deep into the rich Moroccan culture, learning about marketing, brand collaborations, social media, content creation, coming up with a money + business plan along with wellness + travel. Engage with likeminded creatives from around the world who share your passion, vision, motivation and hunger for empowerment and success.

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day 1

arrive + resT +Wine tasting

day 2 

story telling workshop +

setting your intention +

learn to manifest + guided hike

day 3

dream boarding +

branding building workshop

day 4

social media workshop +

design your social strategy USING IG + FB + EMAILS +PINTEREST

day 5 

marketing magic +

ads, list building, captions +

landing +make your funnel + selling to dream clients

one on ones

day 6 

content creation workshop + basic photography 

learn how to be photographed + pose + learn how to work with models + posing them

building your authority +collaboration workshop

day 7 

money mindset +business budget +time management workshop

day 8

travel home 


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8 Days, 7 Nights Stay in a private Raid in Morrocco

Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at Raid +

a security guard + guide

All Workshops with multiple coaches

One on one coaching


Professional Photoshoots

amazing swag adventure-pack

Shared Accommodations

Trip to explore the local city

Camel ride in the Sahara Desert

Hammon spa service (traditional Moroccan bath)

50% OFF our HEY HAPPY LIFE COACHING PROGRAM to get you prepped for success!




Flying to Morocco is your expense and so will be your transportation from the airport to the Raid but don’t worry we are making a document of our recommendations for getting cheaper flights, how to use your phone out of the country + safe travel from the airport to the Raid.


You will want to consider jet lag and time zone changes so we are also creating in that document information making sure you book the right dates to consider the major time zone change and jet lag. Arrival day we are planning on you needing rest. You will have time to eat and nap and enjoy relaxation. We are planning on most of the days starting slower so you can adjust to the time zone! We have thought of everything.

who will my coaches be?

It will be a combination of Elizabeth Faye (business/life coach), Danny J (business/life coach), The Director of Marketing of Hair Love Emily Fisher, Photography class lead by an amazing photographer.

how are payments broken up?

So we wanted to make this a possibility for everyone who is serious about there business…we understand the Roman Noodle days (trust me I have been there)…so because this isn’t until next fall we are able to break it up into 1, 2, 6 or 8 payments! HELL YEAH! NO INTEREST just makes your life easier and your dreams possible!!!

Who is coming?

The amazing coaching team and only 20 creative dreamers! This is an invite only or APPLY to be invited only MASTERMIND. We only want likeminded babes who are ready to change their game in this mastermind. We are pouring SOOOOOO much into you and investing in you fully we are only have a small tribe.

So i heard something about 50% off…ABOUT ONLINE COACHING…PLEASE Explain???

We want you to get the MOST out of this MASTERMIND so if you are apart of our WIB online coaching program for HAIRSTYLIST you will get 500$$ off WIB ….OR..if you are a creative entrepreneur in another field we are actually launching a 6 month online program similar to WIB but catered to you…you will receive 750$ off of that program. It would be a great way to gear up for the Mastermind. Want more info…of course! We will have that for you in Jan. if you are a creative entrepreneur if you are a hairstylist in or wanting to join WIB we can get you details on that as well.