hair love land!

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the property

Hair Love is Partnered with an amazing property in the heart of Zion. This private piece of land is a piece of heaven that we build into our own private Hair Love Land when it’s time. The house and three other indoor areas will be filled and built out into a Hair Love Festival. (This is a real time photo of the HL Property)


zion as our backyard

Yes Zion is in our backyard. Zion is beloved as a spiritual place of refuge and home to some of the world’s most beautiful views and hikes. There is something magical about gathering, learning and experiencing a retreat is a setting like this. (This is a real time photo of the HL Property)


what do the rooms look like

Because of the nature of this event the rooms are a unique experience. We actually work with a team and custom build out the Hair Love Experience. So beds and rooms are brought in for this event. The beds, mattress are of high quality and the property is gorgeous. Most bunk areas have many beds in one large area and all bathrooms and showers are shared accommodations. (This is an actual photo of one of the bunk areas)


glamping at hair love camp

Hell yes, there is luxury glamping! This experience is going to be such an amazing addition to Hair Love. We have Nation Wide Glamping experts on our team that build gorgeous shared glamping accommodations for the adventurous Hair Love Tribe Member. All house areas are shared and comfortable so no worries you can chill inside the house whenever! (This is an actual photo of the glamping tent)

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hair love Tipi festival

Hair Love has been dreaming of education under the stars and under the roof of one of our most beloved structures…tipis. Our Founder Elizabeth Faye, grew up spending her weekends hiking and camping under the stars in tipis. We are thrilled to announce you will be learning under these gorgeous structures. You will even get the pleasure of having Papa Jeff (Elizabeth’s Dad) as the Glamping Dad! He will keep the fires going and keep you safe!