Hair Love has a pretty beautiful story of how this was inspired and why it came to be. Today you know us as a community of positive and loving artist who are making the industry a brighter place to be in. You may know us for our heart logo, fun photography, quirky slogans and inspiring podcast. All of which are amazing but the heart of the Hair Love Brand is the community. It is the open hearts that gather together to share, trade and love.

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Elizabeth Faye, the founder of this Brand and movement has quite the story of how this came to be. Hair Love was curated for you. For the artist and entrepreneur to be nurtured from the inside out. “I have been working in the education side of the beauty industry since my romance with the Hair Industry began. I was raised by a family of teachers and so naturally being a teacher fell into my lap. I grew up in a Mormon family and so service was instilled in me since I could walk. “

My Dad took my sister and I on nature walks, to yoga and to Redevues every year of our lifes. We grew up camping in tipis

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