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hair love magic

Hair Love is a community-based education company. We know that the best way to grow continually is to surround yourself with like minded babes who support you + love to get their education on! We specialize in experience education.

As an education company we believe in

creating sacred spaces and experiences for

dreamers to learn and connect with others.

We do this through our famous yearly retreat, Hair Love Retreat. This is an all-inclusive experience for hairstylists in Zion National Park. At Hair Love Retreat we focus on wellness, business, beauty and adventure. It is a life changing experience that you’ll never forget. We are not a once a year event we are a community you can be a part of everyday!

Another way we spread light is through our weekly podcast, Hair Love Radio, which is pure badassery for your ears. We host the best of the best and offer sooo much FREE education and resources all the time!

You can hop on over to the blog to read the latest articles on beauty, business and wellness and even apply to be a guest contributor!

Last but not least, we think you are awesome + welcome to the Tribe!

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hair love retreat

  • 5 day , four nights packed w/incredible education demos & hands on education, certifications, business coaching, and workshops

  • hands-on hand tied weft workshop

  • fully catered meals three times a day

  • yes there is alcohol!

  • networking & community with the brightest minds in the industry

  • accommodations with surroundings in BEAUTIFUL Zion National Park

  • shuttle services from drop off and pick up point in St. George to HLR

  • fun activities & adventures

  • yoga & wellness classes & guides

  • inspirational speakers

  • amazing swag

  • the list goes on, be sure you read the website! 


Our education is unique and amazing for so many reasons! One of them being we have an amazing line up and we actually gather thoughts and wants from our Retreaters on desired classes. We format our classes to be the perfect fit for our modern hairstylist industry. You will be able to build your custom schedule a few months before the Retreat. Some classes are demo, some are Key Note speakers, some are discussional workshops, some are hands on certifications.

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What are retreaters responsible for?

You will be fully responsible for your own travel!  We have travel suggestions below and once registered you will be kept in formed!

What will I need to bring?

You will need to bring a tool kit for hair classes, comfortable clothes for outdoor activities, a nice outfit for the big party, a camera or phone to take pictures of the amazing views and a few other odds and ends. Our awesome support team will send you a detailed packing suggestion list leading up to Hair Love Retreat. We've got you covered! 

What airport should I fly into? 

There is a small airport in St. George Utah (SGU) that you can fly into, but it usually is a bit more pricey. That being said, look at prices sometimes it isn’t bad and it’s nice to fly right into the place you are headed to and the St. George airport is a nice and an easy airport.

The most common and budget friendly option when headed to Zion National Park is typically to fly in and out of McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas (LAS). 


Now you have arrived in Saint George.

You’re going to want to arrive at Elizabeth Faye Salon in St. George Utah (348 N Bluff St, St. George, UT) in time to hop on your Hair Love shuttle to Zion where the retreat is! This is the pick up and drop off point. Uber is available in St. George and we’d recommend using it to get from the airport to the shuttle. A Uber from the airport is about a 20-25 min drive.


Now you have arrived in Las Vegas, from here you are going to want to either rent a car or shuttle from Las Vegas to Saint George & get where the party is!!!

  1. SHUTTLE: is what we recommend, and easy! But this part is on you. The St. George Shuttle is a quality & affordable shuttle service. Their phone number is  (435) 628-8320. The shuttle leaves directly from the Vegas airport and returns you there after the retreat. This is one of the MOST common ways to get to Southern Utah for Zion lovers and tourists. There are other shuttles that do the same. All of them do a great job, just be sure to plan ahead!!!!!!

2. RENT A CAR: If you chose to rent a car no worries! There are no parking spots at the retreat destination, so please arrange to park your car at Elizabeth Faye Salon and use the Hair Love shuttle.


If you are driving in, please be aware that you’ll need to park your car in St. George and use our Hair Love shuttle to bring you to the retreat destination. We will not be responsible for the safety of your vehicle but we will suggest places for parking.


Aside from the complimentary shuttle from Elizabeth Faye Salon to the Retreat location, we are NOT responsible for your travel details.

At the end of the day we don’t mind how you decide to get here, we are just excited you are part of the Hair Love Tribe!


We work with a world class private chef named Chef Shon. He caters for famous venues, huge celebrities, and is known for his authentic taste and is truly an embodiment of farm-to-table! We will have three meals a day available, alcohol, water, coffee, and snacks. All food will have vegan options. We will share a menu with the Retreat Tribe about 2 weeks prior to the Retreat. If you have allergies, specific diet needs outside of Vegan options - we can arrange fridge space for you if you let us know a few weeks prior to the Retreat.

The meals will be amazing, filling, fresh, and healthy. Gluten free, diary free, vegetarian options are available but if that doesn’t work for you please plan ahead. Our retreat is in the wilderness close to a National Park and you will be on property. With that being said…you will have more than enough food and options and you will be literally dining in 5 star fashion. Go check out this chef…he blows our minds!!!!!!!!!! CHEF SHON …get ready for a freaking incredible experience!